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Red Velvet Seulgi's confession about his solo debut and group

Currently, everyone is going to switch into K-pop music. And Why not? Because they made a lot of awesome songs. Here are some popular groups, whose music is known all over the world. BTS, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Twice, Itzy, TXT, and many more. One of them is Red Velvet, image from pintrest Which debuted in 2014 and today they are a very successful band. There are total 5 members in this group.  Irene, ‎Seulgi‎, ‎Wendy‎, ‎Joy‎, ‎Yeri‎ So far 5ev has made the name of the band bright by working in the group. But recently Seulgi released her first Debut solo mini album. The name of this album is " 28 Reasons ". image from twitter The theme of this album is Good and Evil, which is influenced by movies like "joker". Seulgi said, "this album was prepared at the beginning of the year itself. After I gained more experience and became more civilized, I release that I need to do a solo album and I wanted to show his colors.  So, after eight years after the debut, seemed t

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