Along with Sri Lanka, Which Country's Economy Has Come Under Crisis?

A few days ago in Sri Lanka, about thousands of people had rallied on the road regarding inflation, their President fled the country.

There is also a long line for oil at the petrol pump, and somewhere the price of things has increased,

What is the reason for this?

Along with Sri Lanka, the economic situation is not good for 3 such countries, let's see that country.

1. Pakistan

2. Bangladesh

3. Laos

This News has been told by the management of "International Monetary Fund".

It is also said that China is responsible for this situation because when the economy of the country went down, it was china that helped these countries but still the country's economy did not change, and China has been spoiled more.


Sri lanka Crisis
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No food, no medicine, no petrol in Sri Lanka,

And even if they get it, it will be very expensive, reason for this happening is that Sri Lanka lacks money now.

The price of everything will increase because outsiders have to be brought from the country and they are broke right now.

Potato which was earlier 240rs per kg, and now it is 430rs kg.

The price of sugar was 100rs per kg, and now it is 340kg.

The price of rice was 90rs per kg, and now it is 220rs.

The price of chili was 320rs per kg, and now it is 900rs.

The price of coconut oil was Rs 320 per liter, and now it is 741 rs.

The price of Onion was 490rs per kg, and now it is 320rs.


Pakistan Economy
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Pakistan's rupee fell from 227 to 204.85 against the dollar.

The price of coal has increased from $ 200 to $ 280 per ton.

Shahbaz Sharif has thought of taking 10% super tax with the help of some industries due to the increase in the price of petrol, which will help the country's finances.

Foreign debt in Pakistan has reached the highest level and it is very difficult for it to deal with such a situation.

 Shahbaz Sharif and the government have decided to sell only the national assets of the country so that they can repay all the debt. The bankruptcy crisis continues in Pakistan.


Bangladesh economy
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Global Hike Gas and Fuel shut down because of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Due to this, Problem is coming.

In Bangladesh, more than half of the country's electricity is generated from natural gas.

Bangladesh's business is mostly imported, and due to the increase in fuel prices, the price of everything is increasing.

Due to the cost of gas in the industries, it is coming difficulty now.

LNG comes from Russia in Bangladesh. And not a long-term contract with another country, that of Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh says that this price rise will last till the end of September and will gradually decrease after that.

The government of Bangladesh is planning to build coal-burning power plants so that 8% of the coal will be used for electricity generation and the same will be


Lao is a party in the People's Democratic Republic that is socialist/communist to the political setup.

They have only one political legal party and that is the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, and that is President Thongloun Sisolith.

The head of the Laos government is Phankham Vipawan.

The reason for Laos Economy Crisis is the Fuel and Forex Crisis.

Laos Economy
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Laos Kip US Dollar Currency (1 dollar = 15048 kip)

Inflation is increasing every month. take a look,

January: 6.25 %

February: 7.3 %

March: 8.5 %

April: 9.9 %

May: 13 %

June: 23.6 %

Fitch Ratings On Laos "CCC" And It's Not Good.

Reasons: Covid-19 and Ukraine crisis (fuel price high), because of that economic income decreased in Laos.

Laos did not trade with the West, traded much with Asia.

The Chinese company Karing Electric Greef Control in Laos, China is trying to cover Laos.

China has always been trapping Laos and then pretending to be its friend.

China's investment of about $ 16 billion is also in the economic sector, electricity transportation, and other projects.

Laos needs to pay $14.5 billion on foreign debt due to the country's public debt and which accounts for 80% of GDP.

The Chinese at that time gave him a 47% share and saved him from Country's list of foreign lenders. 

Crisis has arisen on the economy of countries like Maldives, Africa, Argentine, Egypt, Ukraine, Russia ETC.