Ameca- World's best human like Robot

Ameca - The most advanced life-like robot. 

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Who is Ameca?
Why is she made for? 

Is America just the same as humans?

Lots of questions have arisen. Let's know more about Ameca.

Ameca is a robot developed by Engineered Arts Company in the United Kingdom

Ameca is designed as a research platform for human-robot interaction. 

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This grey-faced robot can make facial movements just like humans and can have a normal conversation like humans.

Interaction and communication with humans are the major tasks of this robot. 

She has about 17 motors which allow her to make virtually all different kinds of facial expressions, she also uses her hands and arms to make gestures while she speaks. 

Ameca has a speaker inserted into her chest due to which we can hear what she speaks.

Two little cameras are inserted into her which help her see the person to whom she is talking and lock that specific face into her memory. 

Ameca is yet unable to walk but the company will upgrade her features so that one day she can walk just like humans do. 

Is Ameca real?

People also asked

Yes, Ameca is real. She is the most advanced human-shaped robot of all time.

Last year that means in 2021, the company posted a video of Ameca making different facial expressions.

video from twitter

As you can see in the above video Ameca is showing angerness.

The CES(Computer Engineering Science ) 2022 show has been stolen by Ameca. She had become the center of attention on the show.

If you guys are wondering how to buy Ameca then you are lucky now. The company has decided to put Ameca on sale and even on rent, you can get more information through the Engineered Arts website.