Brahmastra | Ayan Mukerji explained the vision of Astraverse

Director Ayan Mukerji break down vision for his upcoming movie "Brahmastra".   

Director Ayan Mukerji explains the Astraverse in his upcoming movie "Brahmastra-Part one:Shiva".

The most powerful and pure energy there is 'Brahm Shakti'. 

From these Brahm Sakti, the Astra's are born. 

Astra has within them all the different energies which are found in nature- Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth.

Astra which have within them the power of different animals:-

Vanarastra- The power of Super Monkey! 

Nandiastra- The power and strength of a thousand Bulls! 

And the most powerful Astra among all - 'The Brahmastra'. 

The sages who protect these Astras and as the guardian of Brahmastra they name themselves 'Brahmansh'. 

Mr. Mukharji also talks about how he was inspired by giving the name to the main character. He said, "He is named after the god who is most dear to him personally, the most mystical, the all-powerful, and his greatest inspiration - Lord Shiva ".

After Ayan Mukerji's beautiful vision of Brahmastra, we all are so excited and waiting for the movie to be seen in the theatre on 9 September 2022.