BREAKING NEWS: Petrol and diesel prices changed in Maharashtra.

Every day the price of everything is increasing.

Now the price of petrol and diesel has come down in Maharashtra. This decision was taken when a meeting was held for the elections by the new government.

These proposals were made by Chief Minister Eknath Sindhe, He said on July 13.

Almost 5rs per litre in petrol and 3 Rs per litre in diesel has been reduced.

petrol diesal today rate
Image From Odisha TV

Eknath Shinde told the reporters that the changes of about 6000 crores will be a burden on the state officials of Maharashtra due to the reduction in petrol.

The price of petrol in Mumbai will be reduced to 106 Rs per litre, recently the price of petrol is 111.35 Rs And the price of diesel will come down to 94.28 Rs per litre, recently the price is 97.28 Rs.

Petrol Price in Pune fell by 105.88 Rs per litre and Diesel by 92.37 Rs per litre.

In Thane, the price of petrol will be 106.49 Rs per litre and diesel will be 94.42 Rs per litre.

The price revision of petrol and diesel in India is controlled by certain companies, such as public sector oil marketing companies (OMCs) such as Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).

Fuel prices also fluctuate due to fluctuations in international crude oil prices and foreign exchange rates.

Hence taxes, VAT (value added tax), and freight charges on petrol and diesel vary from state to state.

Ever since the excise duty on fuel has been reduced by the central government, the price has come down in every state.

Let's see,

The Price of Petrol and Diesel in Some Cities


Petrol: 111.35 Rs per litre

Diesel: 97.28 Rs per litre


Petrol: 96.72 Rs per litre

Diesel: 89.62 Rs per litre


Petrol: 106.03 Rs per litre

Diesel: 92.76 Rs per litre


Petrol: 108.65 Rs per litre

Diesel: 93.90 Rs per litre


Petrol: 101.94 Rs per litre

Diesel: 87.89 Rs per litre


Petrol: 109.66 Rs per litre

Diesel: 97.82 Rs per litre


Petrol: 102.63 Rs per litre

Diesel: 94.24 Rs per litre


Petrol: 107.71 Rs per litre

Diesel: 96.52 Rs per litre


Petrol: 106.00 Rs per litre

Diesel: 92.55 Rs per litre


Petrol: 96.63 Rs per litre

Diesel: 92.38 Rs per litre


Petrol: 96.39 Rs per litre

Diesel: 92.15 Rs per litre


Petrol: 108.64 Rs per litre

Diesel: 93.88 Rs per litre


Petrol: 96.01 Rs per litre

Diesel: 83.94 Rs per litre


Petrol: 96.57 Rs per litre

Diesel: 89.76 Rs per litre