Check Out: Why Neeraj Chopra is not Going to Play World Athlete Championship?

Neeraj Chopra won the silver medal for India's World Athlete Champion, becoming an athletic player after Anju Bobby George, who won in 2003.

But Now Neeraj will not be seen in the second tournament.

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What is its reason, let's see?

Commonwealth Games from 28 July was about to begin. But 2 days ago it came to know that Neeraj Chopra has been out of the Commonwealth Games.

Rajeev Mehta, Secretary General of the Indian Olympic Association has given this statement.

However, any player has had to do a fitness checkup to win in athletics and 2 days ago it has come to know that Neeraj Chopra is not 100% fit.

He was investigated in America.

Neeraj Chopra became the second athlete after 2003, he gave India a silver medal in the World Athletic Championship.

And in the final, he threw the javelin to a distance of 88.13 meters and won the silver medal.

Statement on Twitter after Neeraj's injury,


After Neeraj Chopra, India now hopes that DP Manu and Rohit Yadav will represent India.