Chinese celebrate Shinzo Abe's shot before he dies.

Chinese celebrating the shooting of Shinzo Abe before he died?

On Friday morning Shinzo Abe was shot, and Chinese nationalists started celebrating sending him death wishes and terming the shooter as a 'hero'.

On Friday morning Shinzo Abe was badly shot from behind in the city of Nara in Japan. His situation was too critical and the former PM was fighting for his life while on the other side Chinese were celebrating and giving him a wish of death.

As the news of Abe's shot started filtering out, China started celebrating on Chinese social media platform including Weibo, Youku, and Wechat. These platforms were flooded with the message of cheering the shooter. 

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Chinese internet users on Weibo were wishing that Abe doesn't recover from his gunshot wound and wished for his death and hailed the shooter as Hero.

Chinese nationalists were not the only ones pleased to see Shinzo Abe struggling for his life but there were several tweets from different communities around the world who were trashing Abe and wishing for his death and feeling good about his 'impending death'. 

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