Corona updates | Cases have increased in last 24 hours.

India COVID Updates- 1,28,690 cases registered 

As time passed after the pandemic the entire world recovered from COVID-19. 

But now again the world is getting dark, and COVID-19 has once again arrived.

As in India, there is a constant increase in cases of corona.

Every day about 18,257 new cases are registered all over India, and there is an increase in the positivity rate of about 4.22%.

Daily about 86.66 crore corona tests have been conducted and 198.76 crore vaccine doses administered so far. 

Even though the cases are increasing, the recovery rate has also been good so far. 14,553 patients have recovered in the last 24 hours. 4.29 crore total recovery has been registered in the country. The recovery rate is 98.50 % in the current situation. More than 4 lakh that is 4,32,777 corona sample tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours. 

In India, today(10, July 2022) we have 1,28,690 active corona cases.

Measures to follow to stay Safe. 

To stay safe we all need to follow some steps:-

Always wear a mask, 

Wash or sanitize your hands regularly, 

Maintain distance, 

Get yourself fully vaccinated,

Eat healthy foods.

Together we can all win the battle against COVID-19. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe and get up to date with us.