Cryptocurrency- worth to buy or not? long/short term investment?

Questions that are asked by many people, 
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What is cryptocurrency?

crypto or cryptocurrency is the form of currency that is digital or virtual. there are currently over 6000 cryptocurrencies exist.

Which site or app is best for cryptocurrency purchase?

Here are Top 10 Sites and Apps that You can purchase cryptocurrency from any site and app.
  1.  Coinbase   
  2.  Voyager 
  3.  BlockFi
  4.  Uphold  
  5.  Kraken 
  6.  eToro
  7.  Bitcoin IRA 
  9.  Binance 
  10.  Hodlnaut
I am investing in Binance and, you can invest from any sites that I suggested to you.

When does the Cryptocurrency price increase?

cryptocurrency's Price value depends on the scale of community involvement. so there is no specific time for the crypto price increase.

Is it worth it investing in crypto?

If  You are thinking about short-term investment in crypto then It's not worth it but if you are thinking long-term investment then it's totally worth it. as long as it's not holding you.

which crypto to buy today for the long term?

Dogecoin is the Best to Buy for the long term, and it s come the most popular to buy last year.

which crypto to buy today for the Short term?

If you are thinking for the short term then you can buy bitcoin. as simple as you can buy and sell anytime and that is a secure coin.

Which crypto will grow fastest?

Solana is the fastest crypto coin that is growing blockchain in the world.

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