Earthquake in Philips today, See photos and details

 Strong earthquake tremors were felt in Manila in the Philippines today. The main epicenter of the earthquake was kilometers southeast.

Tremors were also felt 300 km from Manila.

Somewhere the windows of the building have been broken, and according to the sources, it is said that there is a tsunami warning after the earthquake.

Earthquake tremors were felt on the island of Luzon at 8.43 am. The magnitude of the earthquake was initially measured at 6.8.

After that, there was an intensity of 7.1 till some time.

The earthquake was felt in Metro Manali, Bulakan, and Orbital Bhinder.

Here are Pictures,

Philips earthquake pic
Image from twitter
image from Twitter

Image From Twitter

The hospital was evacuated soon after the earthquake, a photo of which was also shared on Facebook by Philips Governor Joy Barnes.

Other photos showed hospital beds, including one with a patient, wheeled across the road and evacuated hospital staff.

it is being said, So far only one has died.