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Which national record has Savita Karwal established within 15 days?

  Savita Kanswal, who made the national recorder, died in Uttarakhand Avalancha . Savita Kanswal was a national record climber, who scaled India's tricolor on Everest, the world's highest peak, in the shortest time in 2022 this year. 1.Savita Kanswal Personal Life Details:- Savita was India's National Recorder Mountaineer. she was born in Lothru village of Uttarkashi district. There was a lot of struggle in Savita's life. She was the youngest of her parents and 4 sisters in her family. Her father was a farmer, and from that, he is running his house.    created by Savita was very interested in adventure since childhood and her schooling took place in a government school. she took NCC training in the school despite the family's refusal. created by 2.Savita had deposited money by doing a job of 6 thousand to become a mountaineer:- Savita did a basic course in mountaineering from the Nehru Mountaineering Institute in the year 2013. created by

"Ek Villain Return" Movie watching worth it or Not?

Ek Villain Return movie review

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The movie "Ek Villain Return" starred Disha Patani, Tara Sutaria, Arjun Kapoor, and John Abraham. They have a disjointed plot and pedestrian performance which make 'Ek Villain Return' a better film.

The time around the story expands its base with two male characters who are ricocheting between being villain and hero. One is struggling to find his real face while the other one is masked.

Eight years ago the movie "Ek Villain" starred Shraddha Kapoor- Siddharth Malhotra- Riteish Deshmukh, in which the theme was 'every story has a villain' gets refreshed, but this time the story expands its base with two male characters ricocheting between being Hero and Villain. 

Twitter reviews on 'Ek Villain Return'

"EKVILLAINRETURN is a perfect amalgamation of music, amazing visuals, and thrilling visuals. "

" On the whole, the movie is a stylish, spellbinding, and terrifying edge of the seat thriller. It's a step forward in this genre, without a doubt. @mohit11481 is the Master of this genre. Good Performance and Soulful Music! Go for it! 

" This film is nothing but a clumsy and boring attempt at serving us some mindless action in the name of a massy entertainer. Four actors doing their own thing and nobody seems to be making any sense in the plot, which remains absent anyways". 

#EkVillainReturns kicks in only after the interval, and then it becomes the film it should have been from the get-go. The first half is a waste. "

From the review, we can say that some people are loving the movie but for some people, the movie is just boring and simple.

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Ek Villain Return cast:

John Abraham,

Arjun Kapoor,

Disha Patani,

Tara Sutaria,

JD Chakravarthy.

Ek Villain Return director:

Mohit Suri

Ek Villain Return rating: 

1 star


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