Let's see, On which statement Hardik Pandya was shocked?

Hardik Pandya is a famous and talented player of cricket history.

Just a few days back, 

former coach Ravi Shastri had said during India's ODI match, "When Mumbai Indians didn't retain him (Hardik Pandya), it came as a shock to him."

Let's know why Ravi Shastri said this,

Everyone in the world is crazy about cricket, and IPL Cricket is very famous.

So how can Hardik Pandya stay behind when it comes to the player's parity?

Hardik Pandya is a very good player. He was with the IPL Mumbai Indian team from the very beginning, and his identity was associated with Mumbai Indians.

He has won the Mumbai Indian team many times by giving good performances.

So in such a situation, when it came to the election of Cricket IPL this year, he was not selected for the Mumbai Indian team.

Hardik Pandya was very saddened by this, as he was associated with Mumbai India from the very beginning of the tournament.

And seeing this, he was in shock for one and a half months.

Later Hardik Pandya was selected for the Gujarat Titans team and he became the captain, he gave a very good performance in IPL 2022.

And he went on to win the trophy.

gujarat titans cricket team trophy
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A good player of the cricket world is seen under his captaincy and Hardik Pandya is successful in that.

After winning the IPL 2022 Trophy, Hardik Pandya said "For me, the team is on top. I am ready to do anything for the team.

 I am ready to bat in any situation. I wanted to bat at number four and give the rest of the players a chance to play freely."

After the victory in IPL 2022, all the cricketers are praising Hardik Pandya.

Ravi Shastri said that after getting the captaincy, Hardik Pandya was seen playing and batting in a completely different way, when the responsibility comes, Hardik Pandya has done it and he can do it further.

Hardik saw a very good player in T20 and after that BBCI gave captaincy to Hardik in the 2-match series against England and India won both times.

Hardik Pandya has been a good cricketer and it is believed that he won the trophy by performing well in the World Cup.