PM Modi to inaugurate deogher airport

 Deoghar Airport is the state's number 2 international airport in Jharkhand.

   PM Modi will inaugurate Deoghar airport on 12 July 2022. Due to the inauguration of Deoghar Airport, the people of Deoghar will now get the fight to go to the big city of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

                                         image detail by Zee news

Imports of Deogarh Airport

     Deoghar Airport has been built in 5 years. It is built on 653.75 acres of land and its height is 255 meters.

         Deogarh Airport to International Airport 401. 34 crores have been invested, and the airport terminal building is spread over 4000 sqm of land.

Deoghar airport has a host of 320 series airbus and boiler aircraft. Deoghar airport runway has been built for 45 meters

  The terminal building of Deoghar airport has been given the form of a temple and the terminal building has been made eco-friendly, the passengers of Baba temple and Pachshul can be seen from the runway itself.

       PM Modi was about to come for the inauguration of Deoghar airport on 12 July 2022, the people of Deoghar and the Jharkhand government have made a lot of preparations to welcome him.

On July 11, 2022, 1 lakh lamps were lit in the enthusiasm of PM Modi's arrival.