Shocking incident: dog owner dies while playing with him

Pitbull brownie attacked on Sushila Vishnoi Tripathi

On Tuesday Morning,

82 year old woman Sushila Vishnoi Tripathi who was Pitbull's owner. she and Pitbull were having fun and then Pitbull attacked her and she died. The owner's son Amit was not in the home at that time. 

pitbull attack
image from twitter

The neighbors got scared seeing this extent, on the second day those neighbors kept the doors of the house closed.

Amit performed the last rites of his mother on Wednesday. Amit handed over the Pitbull to the dog house on Thursday.

On Live Interview- 

The dog's owner Amit says that he did not see when his mother was attacked, maybe the two were having fun and the pitbull cut the mother while playing the game. her mother was older, she must have been scared.

Amit asked the neighbors, did Pitbull ever bark on them? Neighbor replied No.

One of his neighbor says that he saw this accident, but when pitbull was biting Sudheela, he could not do anything because Pitbull is very dangerous.