Big Town's Coolest Couple On Vacation...!

Anushka Sharma and former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli have gone to Paris, the capital of France, on a one-month holiday, Virat Kohli wants to spend quality time with his wife and daughter Vamika.

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         Virat Kohli's tour of England was going to disappoint his friend, because, England, Virat had not scored 100 runs in England, including 2 one-day matches, 2 T20 matches, and one match.


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     Virat's tour of England was not good and told BCCI for a break

After the tour of England, the Indian cricket team West Indies left to play T20 and One Day matches, and Virat Kohli has gone to Paris for a month's leave.

    Anushka Sharma said in the story on Instagram that she is in Paris with her family.

The heat is more in Paris than in England; hence Virat, Anushka, and Vamika have been troubled by the heat, as the parish has a 41-degree temperature.

    Virat Kohli can visit august Zimbabwe with him after 1 month's holiday. Also, play for ASISN Cup