warning WHO! New Marbhrg virus identify in GHANA

 The world has just emerged from the epidemic of the coronavirus, but in the meantime, a new virus is trying to enter the world. Marburg virus has been detected in Ghana country of West Africa early last month.

       Due to the epidemic of the Coronavirus, many countries in the world had to face lockdown for many months and people have lost their lives. There was also a financial loss to the people. After the corona epidemic, people's lives are slowly coming back on track, then another new virus case is in front.

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    The Ministry of Health of Africa Country Ghana said that out of the two patients who got here earlier this month, one patient was 26 years old and the other was 51 years old, both of them reported positive, and those samples were again tested. Was sent to the laboratory for testing. Where he was reported to be infected with the Marburg virus

     The Health Ministry of Ghana country has quarantined 95 people who came in contact with the patients, although there has been no confirmation of infection among them, who have also swung into action since today.

Where is the Marburg virus spread?

 Apart from Ghana country, patients of this virus have been found in Azolo, Congo, Uganda, and South Africa.

    What is the Marburg virus?

Like corona, the Marburg virus is also a disease from Champagnat, and the Marburg virus is transmitted from animals to humans and from humans to humans. This virus is a member of the family of Ebola, it is a disease more infectious than Corona and Ebola.

Marburg virus carries the risk of Marburg disease (MVD), which has a mortality rate of over 88%.

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Symptoms of Marburg Virus

In the Marburg virus, symptoms appear within 2 to 21 days, including fever, chills, muscle pain, and vomiting.

In the Marburg virus, if not detected and treated in time, symptoms can take a serious form, such as weight loss, tremors, kidney failure, and there is a risk of massive bleeding.

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How does the Marburg virus spread?

     The infection spreads due to people coming in contact with the blood of the infected patient or the fluids coming out of the body such as urine, saliva, stool, sweat, vomit, and breast milk, based on other reports, the clothes, bedding and medicine of the infected person The infection can also spread from the equipment taken for it.