What is The Current Update About Uk's Election?

Upcoming Elections In Britain...!

A few days ago, there was a vote in Parliament for the Britain Prime Minister.

In Which Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Sunak were elected.

britain election candidate
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3rd candidate Penny Mordont also got a lot of support, but she fell behind in the vote. It is being said that the media is responsible for this.

Both Candidates will campaign for the election of the incoming prime minister.

In which both will try to convince the members of the Conservative Party in their favor.

The main topic in this campaign could be taxes.

Let's know about both:

Rishi Sunak

  • Former minister Sunak became parliamentarian in 2015. 
  • He voted in favor of Braxton.
  • He is promising tax cuts if inflation comes down.

Liz Truss

  • Liz Truss first became a parliamentarian in 2010.
  • She voted against Braxton.
  • She is promising immediate tax relief.

After the election in Parliament, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss said:

Rishi Sunak, "Who is the best to defeat keir steamer and the Labor Party in the next election? I think I am that candidate."

Liz Truss, "I am the person who deserves to be seated on the pedestal of the Prime Minister, and I am showing power by doing good work. And that's why I was elected to the Parliament. And that's what I want from Conservative members across the country."

Now in the next few weeks, members of the Conservative Party will choose their new Conservative leader and prime minister.

Now let's see,

What did the Britain youth say about Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss?

One of the youth said, "During the time of Corona, Rishi helped a lot of people somewhere, he had arranged for indians to fly to their Country."

another said, "Either of the two became the Prime Minister, who should run the economy well."

And the girl said, "Lisa seems genuine to me, she does what she says."

Britain's Position Before Elections:

After a few days, there will be talks and fights over the challenge of voting.

Initially, at the time of the election, they were fighting and because of this reason, the parliament had to remove the leader.

Both the contenders, why they are better, have to pull the Conservative Party members towards them from the point of view. 

And the dangerous side is that the Conservative Party seems already divided.

Both are very strong candidates so we cannot decide who will win.

Both the candidates say that it is their priority to deal with dearness, but the topic is also where were both the candidates have for so many years?

Let's wait till September 5 to see what the result will be.