What's going on in Sri Lanka?

Everyone is curious about what is going on in Sri Lanka, Let's see why this news is so much in trend

During the months of life in Sri Lanka, there was a shortage of essential things. Such as petrol, diesel, vegetable, grain, and sugar.

The prices of all these things increased, and due to all the difficulties, the people came on their way to revolt and took possession of president Bhavan.

Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya is due to resign on 13 July due to the rebellion.

Sri Lanka country reached such condition,

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Here are Some Reason:

1. Farming decision

This problem had started due to the sudden decision of the government, in which chemical fertilizers were stopped to make organic farming a hub. Due to this decision, there was a lot of damage in the farming sector. And agricultural production was reduced by 50%.

 The condition is such that rice, vegetables, sugar, which is lacking in things, and grains are being hoarded.

2. Tourism sector to come down due to Covid

 According to the figures of the government, tourism was 10%, and 11% of the contribution is donated, due to the ban on the corona epidemic, tourism has decreased in Sri Lanka.

Tourists are not coming from Europe because of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

3. Loan is taken from china

 Sri Lanka has taken a huge amount of debt from China, it has more than 4 to 5 billion dollars, in addition to it, it has also taken loans from global institutions like IMF.

India and Japan have also taken loans, according to one figure, by the year 2021, Sri Lanka had a debt of 35 billion dollars.

4. Decreasing currency value and decreasing forest currency

Till three years ago, Sri Lanka had 7. The currency was 8 billion, after the new government came, the currency was there. Sri Lanka had up to 2.8 billion dollars by the year 2021. And because of this, the value of Sri Lanka's rupee was reduced and inflation increased.

5. life depends on the number of essentials

Due to the decision taken by the Sri Lankan government for organic farming, which had stopped the fertilizer, the problem of food and drink had arisen, due to which life remains dependent on imports for essential things.

  Sri Lanka Country Depends on Russia and Ukraine Depends on Russia, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, this problem has become more challenging.