Where is the former President of Sri Lanka? What is current Situaltion?

What is the current situation of Sri Lanka?

The condition of Sri Lanka is very bad, for a few months. the people of Sri Lanka, troubled by political movements, had captured the President and the Prime Minister.

Thousands of people had entered President's House.

video from Twitter
They Sat in the President's chair and made fun of him.
Video from Twitter
Some People were having fun sleeping on the president's bed,
sri lanka president house
Picture from Twitter
Some people swim in his swimming pool.
sri lanka president swiming pool
Picture From Twitter
Seeing the picture, you can guess that the situation of Sri Lanka. 
During this, the government has declared curfew in Colombo district From 14th July 12 noon to 15th July 5 Morning.

Where is the President of Sri Lanka?

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled from Sri Lanka to the Maldives because of the critical situation on 9th July.
Everyone recognized the President who went to the Maldives by private jet. So he had to move out because the situation was not in his hands. According to sources, it is being said that he went to Singapore on Wednesday (July 13th) from the  Maldives. And from there he went to Saud Arabia. 

On the Other Side, Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared Ranil Vikram Singhe as the new prime minister, and was about to give his resignation by the night of 13 July, but he failed to do so. The new prime minister is expected to be in Parliament by next week, and sources believe Ranil Vikram Singhe is the party's first member.

Meanwhile, more than 45 people were hospitalized to the standoff between the demonstrators and the police.
Local media said a 26-year-old protester, who was hospitalized due to tear gas, died of shortness of breath.

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