why Ranvirsing Supported Bollywood Actors ?

 A few days ago Ranbir Singh got a nude photoshoot done. Which has become a headache for Ranveer Singh.

 A complaint has been filed against Ranveer Singh in the police station and the police have also filed an FIR, in the meantime, people opened a front against Ranveer Singh in Indore and The people of Indore said that Ranveer Singh His photoshoot suffers from his mental insolvency. And the people of Indore have started a campaign to donate clothes against Ranveer Singh.

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Ranveer Singh has got the support of Bollywood actors.
Ranveer Singh has got the support of Vidya Balan after actor Arjun Kapoor. In Mumbai, actress Vidya Balan attended the Open Book launch of the memorial book in Kuba Sait, she smiled in support of Ranveer on the controversy surrounding Ranveer Singh's photoshoot when asked by the reporter.   "Hey what's the problem?"
 The thing to think about is that when Vidya Balan was asked about the controversy surrounding the photoshoot of Ranveer Singh, she replied with a smile but when asked about the people who filed an FIR against Ranveer Singh, Vidya Balan said that Those people have less work, so they want to waste time on all these things.
    Vidya Balan said if you don't like it, then please bring a newspaper, or magazine, say whatever you want to say, do whatever you want to do.
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In support of Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor said in the promotion of his upcoming film "Ek Villain Returns"  that I don't think Ranveer Singh would ever do anything which has been done to him in an outward manner. Wherever Ranveer Singh goes, the atmosphere is filled with fun, warmth, and energy.

     Apart from Vidya Balan, and Arjun Kapoor, filmmakers Vijay Agnihotri, Alia Bhatt, Swara Bhaskar, Ram Gopal Varma, and Pooja Bedi have extended their support to Ranveer Singh over the photoshoot controversy.