who is a top 5 (five)Olympic woman hockey player in 2022?

Kendall Coyne:-
Kendall Coyne is playing for the US in the Schofield Olympics for the third time in 2022.
    Kendall Coyne Schofield is not only a hockey player from America, but she is also an ambassador of the Women's Ambassadors of the World.
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 Kendall Coyne Schofield's career began at Hokkien in college. Kendall Schofils was given the Patty Kazmeyer Memorial Award for Top Women's College Hockey Player of America in 2015–16. He did at Northeastern  University
Played like a college student, scoring 141 goals in 133 games with a total score of 249 and assisting in 108.
Kendall Scofield got 6 times world champion, 1 time Isobel Cup champion in 2019, and 2 times Olympian champion has got the trophy.

Mary Philippe Pauline Ndeau -:
The full name of Mary Philippe Pauline is Mary Philippe Pauline Nedeau. Mary is an incredibly athletic player for Canada
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 Mary Philippe is the captain of the Canada Country National Women's Team with the Mary Hockey team scoring and winning 3 of 4 gold medals, 3 Olympics, and 2 world champions in the Games to the winner. In 2010, 2014, and 2022, the press and fellow players called Captain Clutch (nicknamed Nick) after scoring last-minute goals for the game.

Rebecca Johnson:-
         Rebecca Johnson became a member of the Canadian national team in 2007. Canada's national team Rebecca is included as the best player to score 10 goals.
           Rebecca participated in the World Champion 10 IIHF as well as the Winter Olympic Games.
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Rebecca Johnson got medals in Olympic Games:-
      2010 Gold Medal
     2014 Gold Medal
     2018 Silver Medal
      2022 Gold Medal
   IIHF World Championship:-
2008 - Silver Medal
2011 - Silver Medal
 2009 - Silver Medal
2012 Gold Medal
2013 Silver Medal
 2015 Silver Medal
2016 Silver Medal
2017 Silver Medal
2019 Bronze Medal
2021 Gold Medal

 Hillary Knight:-
        Like Kendall Schofield, Hilary Knight has had an incredible career, the most number of world championships
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                   Hilary Knight went on to play for the NWHL's Boston Pride and the CWHL's Boston Blades.
  Hillary Knight won 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in the 2018 Olympics.
 Hillary has won 8 gold medals and 3 silver medals as world champion for America.
Alex Cavallini:-
                         Alex Cavallini an ice hockey player on a team in America, had competed in the tournament of America.
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 Alex competed with his seniors and juniors such as under-18s, under-22s, and seniors.
         Alex Cavallini is the first US goalkeeper to win the gold medal and world champion IIHF, Clausson Cup in 2019.