Why BTS Fans celebrates 9th July as Army Day?


HAPPY Birthday/Anniversary to the most beautiful fandom that we call family. "HAPPY ARMY DAY" our pretty army.
Today it's been 9 years since being together with BTS.

What is ARMY?

On 9th July 2013 BTS gave a name to their fans as A.R.M.Y which means Adorable Representative M.C (master of ceremony) of Youth. Fans Celebrate this day as Army day.
The name ARMY is associated with the military and body armor and as these two things are always together, the fandom name basically means that the fans will always be together with BTS.

Army: A person who will always be there for their idols, always love them in any circumstance and that person will become an Army of BTS.

Being an Army is not about how many albums you owned or how many concerts you have gone to its all about how much you love BTS and try to understand them and their feelings and always remember to love yourself.
Being an Army is just simple, all one has to do is show love to BTS.

What is ARMY for BTS?

Kim Namjoon- Miracle

Kim Seokjin- The Best In The Universe

Yoongi- The People Who Make Us BTS

Jung Hoseok- BTS

Park Jimin- Partner

Kim Taehyung - Loving feelings You See in Movies

Jeon Jungkook- BTS

(Member said this in Festa 2021)

Kim Namjoon said "Our friendship is not temporary, it's eternal and finally I want to say to all my purple Besties HAPPY ARMY DAY.

I am so grateful to find you and BTS. BTS  always brought happiness and healing, we all should also give them the same happiness too. 

World's Biggest Fandom "ARMY"