World wide Famous Top 5 netflix shows

 1. All of us are dead

All Of Us Are Dead is a Korean horror web TV show. Which starts in a school, this story is horror but its origin from scientific experiments. A mouse was injected, the virus was injected and

that rat bites the school girl.

(IMDb Rating- 7.5/10)

2. Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a Korean Romantic Story. In which a businessman gives a business proposal to a typical girl in front of his grandfather to pretend to be his girlfriend.

(IMDb rating- 8.1/10)

3. Money heist

The story of Money Heist is known only by its name, this story has been told about money power, in which a professor and some people robbed money from the Royal Man of Saipan and made new money from a money-printing machine and Wanted to print

(IMDb Rating- 8.2/10)

4. Squid game

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A squad game is a story made about a game, in which there is a tournament between

people who did not have money and did not have the money to pay the money, in which the one who won will get all the money late and the one who beat him died.

(IMDb Rating- 8/10)

5. Bridgestone

The London year 1830 is told in Bridgerton's story, which talks about the wedding season. In

which the girl's mother gets her to participate in one of those competitions, and in that party, theboy who likes the girl, seven girls get married.

(IMDb Rating- 7.3/10)