Today, on the 15th of August 2022, the whole country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence, today 75 years of India's independence have been completed.

PM Modi addressed the entire country from the Red Fort and during that time PM Modi congratulated the citizens on Independence Day.

 On August 15, a cannon made in India saluted Triage.

PM Modi has given impetus to the production and health of semiconductors. There has been a significant change in the lifestyle of the common people.


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PM Modi has discussed two issues from Red Fort.

  1.  ending corruption
  2.  On ending family and nepotism

 PM Modi gave a new slogan

   " Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan, Jai Vigyan, Jai Anusandhan"

PM Modi spoke of 5 vows

  1. The country should take big resolutions, which is India's developed country and nothing else.
  2.  In any corner of our minds still, a part of slavery, let it escape no, it's not.
  3. We should be proud of the power of our heritage.
  4. Unity and solidarity.
  5.  Duties of Citizens. (In which PM and CM also come.)

PM Modi on 15 August 2022 personally met the children coming from different states of the country. And seven things were also discussed with him.