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Which national record has Savita Karwal established within 15 days?

  Savita Kanswal, who made the national recorder, died in Uttarakhand Avalancha . Savita Kanswal was a national record climber, who scaled India's tricolor on Everest, the world's highest peak, in the shortest time in 2022 this year. Savita Kanswal Personal Life Details:- Savita was India's National Recorder Mountaineer. she was born in Lothru village of Uttarkashi district. There was a lot of struggle in Savita's life. She was the youngest of her parents and 4 sisters in her family. Her father was a farmer, and from that, he is running his house.    created by Savita was very interested in adventure since childhood and her schooling took place in a government school. she took NCC training in the school despite the family's refusal. created by Savita had deposited money by doing a job of 6 thousand to become a mountaineer:- Savita did a basic course in mountaineering from the Nehru Mountaineering Institute in the year 2013. created by ZEE

3 DIY Hair Growth Remedies that Work Like Magic

 DIY hair care is especially for Your personal care yourself.

Oiling hair can give your hair nice nourishing and softness, and that can also reduce blood circulations.

If you are so clumsy about doing a hair spa or hair mask, Then you can definitely go with DIY oil.

DIY is a One-time remedy, that takes your time but worth doing it.

So let's start it with some DIY Oil Remedies,

Some Oil REMEDIES for Hair Growth

Image From Glamour

Coconut oil with lavender 

What you need:

1 drop of lavender essential oil

10 drop of coconut oil

How to use:

Mix them properly and use them directly on the scalp.

You can store it for further use.

Benefit of coconut oil with lavender:

- Moisturizing your hair

- Hair growth

- Recover your damaged hair

- Prevent thinning

Almond oil and peppermint

What you need:

1 drop of peppermint essential oil

20 drops of almond oil

How to use:

Mix them properly and then massage scalp in a circular motion.

Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hair.

Note- if you are feeling itchiness on scalp then avoid this.

Benefit of Almond oil and peppermint:

-Make hair stronger

-Re-growth hair

-Split ends

-Softer and shiny hair

●Castor oil

What you need:

20 drops of Castor oil 

5-5 drops of Rosemary oil and Argan oil

How to use:

Mix these 3 oil together and then apply to the scalp to prevent hair tangles.

Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash your hair.

Benefit of Castor oil with Rosemary and Argan oil:

-Control hair loss

-Treat dandruff

-Enhances hair color

-Boosts hair growth

Things to remember

- Daily hair oiling is not good that can cover your scalp and clog which is cause hair fall.

- Never mix olive, castor, camphor, mineral, and lemon oils. Because that can damage your hair.

- Before applying any DIY remedies, try it on your neck if you feel itchy then don't do it.

- Never mix of olive, castor, camphor, mineral, and lemon oils. Because that can damage your hair.

- Before applying any DIY remedies, try it on your neck if you feel itchy then don't do it.

- After applying any oil, don't take it a long time. Wash it for a minimum of 30 minutes.



-Massage your scalp daily.

-Rinse hair with cool water.

-Wash your scalp not end.

-Wash with moisturizing shampoo after swimming pool.

-Blot: don't 

Rub: your hair dry

-Always use a microfiber towel to dry your hair.


-Don't apply conditioning and styling products to the scalp.

-Don't wash your hair with hot water.

-Don't wear over-tight styling tools.

-Don't brush or comb soaking wet hair.

-Don't use heat styling products on wet hair.


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