Do you know about Taiwan Strength?

 America Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Elon Musk don't need an identity, but their name is enough to identify them, but do you know the name Tero Go?

      After going to US Speaker Poloni Taiwan meeting, China has thrown the missile in anger, not in Taiwan, but near the Japan border.

Seeing that China had done military action in the sea and sky of Taiwan to scare the Taliban, Taiwan's chief Sai-Ing Wen, Japan, America, and appealed to Australia for help.

Geopolitics is the reason for the war between China and Taiwan, besides it is also the geographical place of Taiwan. Taiwan is a country at the junction of the East China Sea, the South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. Taiwan is also near Japan's southwest coastline.

For example, if Taiwan is occupied by China, it can keep its dominance over the Pacific, Philippines as well as Japan and many countries.

America, Japan, and other countries are helping Taiwan to control China's activities. China, Japan, North Korea, Asia, the Middle East, and India, close to the Taiwan Sea border, import and exit 90% of the trade from there.

 Taiwan has become a separate country from China. That's why China has been trying to prove Taiwan's given status as unworthy and unusual.

Taiwan is known as the "Republic of China" and China as the "People's Republic of China".

Foxconn Company

The world's largest brand of smartphones, gadgets, and especially Apple phones is Taiwan Foxconn with its headquarters and factories in New Taipei. Apart from this, Foxconn company also makes products for Amazon, Google, Huawei, PlayStation, and Microsoft.

Foxconn has 12 branches in China, of which Shenzhen has the largest branch. There are 137 branches in 24 countries in the world. Whatever gadgets we believe to be from China, all gadgets are produced in the branch of the Taiwanese company Foxconn.

Countries economies like America, China, and Taiwan has the highest percentage of the country have a stake

Taiwan is the world's largest producer of assembled Contrac budgets, thanks to Terry Gow, the 72-year-old founder of Foxconn.

In Taiwan, more people of the head of state want Perry Go.

Founded in 1947, the Terry Gou company is today the largest manufacturing and service provider company in the world. Foxconn company is number 22 out of 500 companies in the world.

Foxconn Company is the largest employer in China along with Taiwan. The total staff of Foxconn company is 12 lakh 90 thousand, which is the highest in the world.

Some branches of Foxconn company in China and Taiwan have more than 2 lakh staff, due to which the company behaves like a mini village, or municipality, in which the shop, school, and infrastructure are owned by the company, after the graveyard There is space.

  Terry Gou said in Jaherat that "however big a Taiwanese company is, it should move from China to Taiwan".

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Taiwan's GDP

Taiwan is the 11th largest training partner with the US, and Taiwan is the number 22nd in the world in electric power.

Inspired by Terry Go, other people of Taiwan have started the home industry of gadgets.

Taiwan has become an 840+ now dollar economy producing only asymmetric and electronic gadgets. Almost all the countries of the world depend on Taiwan for semiconductors.

This region accounts for 90% of Taiwan's GDP. Taiwan's semi-conductor is more important than China's oil imports.