which country did the country develop an artificial womb for the first time in the world?

 Scientist has made a lot of progress with stem cells in the last few years. The treatment of all the deadly diseases of the human body is hidden in the human body.

Shri Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita, "Ishwar Arvibhutanam Hedshu Tishthati Janardhan" This verse said Shri Krishna that God is everywhere, that is, all humans, animals, and birds and everywhere but we all would have To find inside, they instead of searching. In the same way, the treatment of all deadly diseases is another of the human body, but we all treat it outside.

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The body of a person a pupil is made up of 60 thousand cells, from normal we all know that the human body starts with a cell. This cell is known by the name a stem cell.

When this cell increases, there is a beginning like seeds. And 2 out of 1 stem cells, 4 out of 2, and 8 out of 4, cells grow.

A stem cell is different from any other cell of the human body. The stem cell can change the human body and many creatures, and any can fulfill the nuisance of nerves, due to which on that cell Experiments are going on in the laboratory.

Scientists in the world have been amending stem cells for 50 years, then a little bit has been found.

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The angle of the stem cell was successful in the year?

  •   In 1981, scientists found stem cells from the fetus of a rat. After this, the scientist of biology, after the practice of the stem cell of the rat fetus, found the process of developing the human body stem cell in 1998.
  • In 2005, Hart Atek's patient was helped by the process of stem cells but the process failed.
  • For the first time in 2008, one patient A had donated the other Patient B to another patient B, which was removed to the patient A cell, and the Patient B Pacent, which was received in the bronze donation, was developed.

  • The year 2009 was transplanted in the world puzzle bar stem cell, which has proved to be a boon for the patient with leukemia.
  • In the year 2010, this method was also used in the treatment of the patient of crores.
  • In the year 2016, 12 babies born with pearls were able to see again with the help of new stem cell therapy after the new bone baby was removed from the pearls
Which artificial cell has been developed in the country and from which angle has it been developed?

 Israeli scientists have developed the first "artificial womb" in the world by doing an unprecedented modification by bypassing the nature pregnancy and conception requirement. Israeli scientists have developed an artificial womb outside the uterus for the first time in the world by using pantry des perfect stem cells.

Placenta and Jardini are included around the artificial cell, so scientists have used pluripotent stem cells, these cells are called other cells of the body.

Like memory cells, the heart, and liver cells, give birth to test cells.

 With this amendment, it will be easy to understand the process of how organs and tissues develop during the development of the natural womb and womb.