Do You know, that Nitya Menon is getting married?

 Nithya Menon is one of the South India Famous Actresses. Nitya has worked in many films till now. Nitya has often remained in the news due to her good work.

   According to the news spread on some social media, "Nitya Menon is going to marry." When asked by a function media reports, Nitya said that "there is nothing like this" This is just a good story. None of which is true.

Nitya Menon said that I have just taken a break from work, because I have done a lot of heart work for the last 1 year, and it can also be said that I have not written a single holiday last year, and I am continuous like a robot. can't work For this I have taken a break and will continue to take it.

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 With this, Nitya told his crazy friend that he has been troubling him for the last 6 years. Who always calls from different numbers, likes them, and wants to get married. By calling like this, Nitya Menon was mentally disturbed  & it's also troubling.

Nitya Manan's Career

      Nitya Menon made her Kannada debut in 2006 at the age of 17 in the supporting role. After that Nitya acted in a Malayalam film in 2008. And in 2011 Tamil films, were followed by Telugu films.

 She made her Bollywood debut in Mission Mangalam in 2019, and 10 months later is making her digital debut in the web series "Breathe 2" opposite Abhishek Bachchan.