Har Ghar Tiranga | Rules to follow before unfurled the Tiranga

 Har Ghar Tiranga 

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Har Ghar Tiranga, a campaign has been given by the Indian government under AAZADI KA 

AMRIT MAHAUTSAV on account of celebrating the 75th Independence of India.

The government asked Indian people to unfurled a flag on their houses and have Tiranga as their DP, PFP, Profile picture, etc from 13thy August to 15th August.

From time to time the Tiranga has changed.

Lets have a look on Tirangas revolution.

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Flag code of India 2002.

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Flag code of India 2002 means the rules which were made and being followed from 

26 January 2002.

It is divided into 3 parts 

1. For Indian Citizens

2. For Business and education purposes

3. For National and state government

Now let's see the rules which were made for Indian Citizens

 The height and width of all the three colors should be the same in which the top one should be saffron, the middle one should be white and the last, the third shouldbe dark green.

 The Ashok chakra's color should be navy blue and the 24 strokes should be equal.

 It should be printed and should be visible on both sides.

 The clothes which are used should be cotton, khadi, and silk.

 The ratio of the flag should be 3:2.

 Tiranga should properly be a crease.

 Also, damage and untidy flag should never be displayed.

If one wants to be a part of HAR GHAR TIRANGA and wishes for a certificate for being a

member then they can register on