How did Gautam Adani become the richest man of Asia?

Story of Gautam Adani becoming rich from poor:

gautam adani world's richest man
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Gautam Adani was born on 24 June 1962 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He belonged to middle-class Gujarat Jain family and had 7 siblings.

To complete his education he took admission to Gujarat University of Commerce.

He then left college in the second year, as he was more interested in business.

 Yes, Adani is also a class dropout like Bill Gates and Mask.

From there he came to Mumbai for a new opportunity.

There he worked in Diamond but he did not see much earning in it.

And he thought of starting his own business.

Considering the business of his previous job, he started as a diamond broker in Zaveri Bazar.

He made good money in that too.

In 1981, Gautam Adani's elder brother Mahasukhbhai Adani bought a plastic factory in Ahmedabad.

And asked Gautam Adani to take care of the company And there Gautam Adani got the first opportunity.

Gautam Adani's elder brother's company needed 20 tonnes of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) every year which IPCL could not provide in India.

And then Gautam Adani thought that I should enter the market.

And he started importing plastic renewal through Kandla port.

After that he grew the business aggressively

In 1993, the Gujarat government told the private company who would operate the Mudra port.

Adani has won the contract in 1995

And this was a very important part for Adani as it is still the largest commercial port in India.

This port was not only developed, Gautam Adani used a lot of hard work and strategy.

Adani started the travel transport facility of this project and taking advantage of this, all those projects were done near Mudra port.

He invested 12000 crores for this and also connected the port by train.

1 year after winning the contract of Mudra Port, Adani entered the energy sector.

And Adani Power Company is India's largest manufacturer company.

and its power generation capacity is 12,450 MW.

Not only this, it is also India's largest solar producer.

Adani also entered the coal sector in 1999.

After this Adani also got into the food brand.

Like Fortune Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil etc

After 2012, his business grew significantly and entered into various sectors.

7 Airports Involved In Their Mega Business

Out of this, the Mumbai airport belongs to them.

Adani group's 7 listed companies:

1. Adani ports and special economics zone ltd

2. Adani enterprise Ltd

3. Adani wilmar Ltd

4. Adani power limited

5. Adani green energy ltd

6. Adani total gas Ltd

7. Adani transmission Ltd

Running a business is a struggle. Similarly, two incidents happened with Guatam Adani:

1. Happened in 1997

Gautan Adami and Shanti Lal Patel were going from Karnavati Club in the car

2 people came in the scooter and stopped both of them.

and kidnapped after that they took both to an unknown place

they demanded  1 and half million rupees.

But the kidnapper didn't bad to both of them and left him like this

2. 26 November 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack

At the same time, Adani was in the Taj Hotel.

He was hiding in the basement, When Indian Commandos Handled the Situation TAB US Promise Adani escaped from there

Whenever Gautam Adani confronts me in public about the incident, he does not answer them.