All of you Know About Raju Srivastava Health Update

Comedian's manager rubbishes reports of him being brain dead

Raju Srivastava suffered a fatal heart attack on August 10 and he is being treated in the AIIMS hospital, New Delhi. Recent reports have shown that the comedian's health has declined and he is in a brain-dead state. However, Now his manager Maqbool has rubbished these reports. There also has been death gossip being spread about the comedian.

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Speaking about the reports of Raju being brain dead, Maqbool said to the portal, "There is nothing like this. He is unconscious. There was swelling in his brain nerves. With some medicines, he was unable to respond. Then some injections were given which caused swelling in some of his brain nerves. Doctors are treating it."

Earlier his manager Maqbool- shared his health update with the same portal as he had said, "His brain nerves were swollen last night and there was water in the brain too. But Doctor has controlled the situation. This all happened last night (Wednesday night). Doctors tried to survive with it. There are issues in his heart too therefore he cannot be provided a heavy dose of medicines.; therefore, He is still on a ventilator. Doctors are trying all they could so that he can survive."