On the auspicious occasion of Janmastami, know "What is Friendship for Krishna?"

It is very difficult to imagine life without friends.

No one can take the place of mother-father,  brother, and sister in life, 

but a friend is such a relationship that is the most different and special.

A friendship that is affectionate like a mother prevents from wandering like a father, Gives advice to the brother or sister and the guru makes the distinction between right and wrong.

What is friendship?

On today's holy occasion, let's talk about the friendship that Krishna had with Sudama and some friends of Krishna.

As such, Krishna had a lot of friends in Mathura.

krishna's friends
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But even after leaving Mathura, Krishna became a friend of many somewhere. those who keep friendship from the heart.

1. Sudama

hardly anyone will don't know about the friendship of Krishna and Sudama.

Their friendship has become an example in the world.

When Krishna became king, Poor Sudama had come to meet Krishna.

Seeing Sudama, the gatekeeper did not allow him to enter the king's Room.

This matter reached Krishna and he immediately came to the door and welcomed Sudama with great respect.

Sudama can't tell worry about him to Krishna, but Krishna has power and know by seeing him.

2. Arjuna

Friendship is all about taking care and understanding the friend who is right and doesn't go down the wrong path, Such was the friendship of Krishna and Arjuna.

Krishna and Arjuna's friendship is well known.

Arjuna was the son of Krishna's aunt, but both were of the same age.

Their friendship is seen in Mahabharat.

Arjuna had faith and reverence only in Krishna, Krishna only gave knowledge of Bhagvat Geeta to Arjuna and he gave the knowledge of this secret.

Krishna tried a lot to save Arjun's life.

If Krishna had not shown Arjuna the right path of religion, then today the history of Mahabharat would have been different.

3. Draupadi

In history, Draupadi and Krishna were known as brothers and sisters, but there was a true and pure friendship between the two.

Men and women can be good friends, which is proved by the relationship between Krishna and Draupadi.

In Mahabharat, when Draupadi's were being disrobed in the whole assembly, Krishna was not there, yet he stopped that situation.

Similarly, Krishna helped Draupadi in every emergency.

4. Uddhav

Uddhav is the son of Devbhagi, brother of Vasudev.

He was Krishna's friend and advisor.

Uddhav has always supported Krishna from Mathura to Dwarka.

Krishna always gave the right path to uddhav so that today it is known as Uddhavageeta.

5. Akrura

Akrura was Krishna's uncle, both of them were of the same age.

Considering each other as friends, Akrura took Krishna and Balarama from Vrindavan to Mathura.

It is seen in the friendship of both that friendship is priceless even in blood relations.

6. Satyaki

Satyaki led the Narayani army.

When Krishna took him to Hastinapur, he said that, "if anything happens to me in the war, do not give up your weapons. Fight with Duryodhana and Narayani till the end."

Satyaki followed the friend's words till the end.