Why did India try to stop the Chinese ship from going to Sri Lanka ?

India and America have opposed the Chinese ship going to Sri Lanka, and the western countries have also supported India. The Sri Lankan government did not approve of the Chinese ship because of India's fierce opposition, but a week later approved the same Chinese ship.

China has threatened to stop Sri Lanka from the need for monetary funds to come out of the economic crisis.

It has been said by the Government of Sri Lanka that the Chinese ship Yuang Wang 5 can stop on the beach in Hambantota for refueling and filling other essentials. The government of Sri Lanka has also said that we all give this facility to the government of the country.

The Sri Lankan government stopped the Chinese ship till 21 August, but no one can do the work of modification.

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China's reaction

 China told India these directories that there is no need to speak to any third person about what is happening in Hambantota.

China has declared that Yuang Wang 5 works according to international rules and regulations. That's why it doesn't do any harm to any country's economic hit.

What is the danger from China's ship to India?

  If India tests any Ballestin missile, then China will come to know because of the technology of the Chinese ship.

China can also get the full information about India's submarine from the missile range and ocean survey system using the high-tech technology of China's ship Yuang Wang 5.

Is China trying to capture the treasures of the Indian Ocean minerals?

      China's espionage and military tendencies have increased in the Indian Ocean for a few years.

The Fang of China is also missing more than 300 Merchand Kosan and fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean.

 Apart from this, abundant patrolling in the Indian Ocean may be possible, including polymetallic sulfide. That is why China is trying to take possession of the minerals of the Indian Sea.