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Which national record has Savita Karwal established within 15 days?

  Savita Kanswal, who made the national recorder, died in Uttarakhand Avalancha . Savita Kanswal was a national record climber, who scaled India's tricolor on Everest, the world's highest peak, in the shortest time in 2022 this year. 1.Savita Kanswal Personal Life Details:- Savita was India's National Recorder Mountaineer. she was born in Lothru village of Uttarkashi district. There was a lot of struggle in Savita's life. She was the youngest of her parents and 4 sisters in her family. Her father was a farmer, and from that, he is running his house.    created by Savita was very interested in adventure since childhood and her schooling took place in a government school. she took NCC training in the school despite the family's refusal. created by 2.Savita had deposited money by doing a job of 6 thousand to become a mountaineer:- Savita did a basic course in mountaineering from the Nehru Mountaineering Institute in the year 2013. created by

Are Kim Taehyung And Kim Jennie dating?

Are BTS Kim Taehyung Dating Blackpink Jennie?

Dating gossip between BTS member Kim Taehyung and Blackpink member Jennie has been doing the rounds on the internet since late May. Kim Jennie shared vacation pictures with his fans. Tap to see in detail

after that BTS V's unique way of answering his haters about the alleged dating rumours !! Tap to see in detail

Bts kim taehyung and black pink jennie is dating?
image from twitter

This has become a flaming question for all K-pop fans after claimed photos of the stars surfaced on the internet a couple of days ago. It was said that BTS Kim Taehyung is flying to the US to be with Jennie, who was there to promote Blackpink's latest album 'Born Pink'. While the photos have no confirmation, a Twitter user has claimed that they are real and that he has more photos of them together. Now, more pictures have been leaked on the internet that features other BLACKPINK members Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo as well.

In one of the new photos, Jennie can be seen engaged in a FaceTime call, with BTS V. Another photo shows the Blackpink star with a figure whose face is hidden but is assumed to be BTS Kim Tian. More photos appear to be of BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rose from their New York trip.

While Kim Jennie's photos have become the talk of the town, it has also led to a huge uproar about the privacy of the idols. BTS ARMY and BLINKS aren't happy that someone is hacking private photos of the stars and sharing them on the internet. Many have even bashed the user who is claiming to share more photos to prove that Kim and Jennie are dating.  

image from Twitter

image from Twitter

image from Twitter

image from Twitter

image from Twitter

Following this, more photos of Kim Jennie have been disclosed to the public throughout August where they could be seen hanging out in Los Angeles and V's house among other places. However, centralized opinions were formed on Twitter for the original poster of these supposedly leaked photos.

some declare that the photos are fully edited and do not have any truth to them. The others are sure that the photos are real based on vouching by professionals who seem to have analyzed them in detail. 

Meanwhile, a third group is asking for people to stop discussing the matter together as it concerns the private life of the artist.

image from Twitter

image from Twitter

In the midst of all this, the owner of the Twitter account 'gurumiharibo', has received a lot of backlash and hate for bringing this matter to the public while the account holder has claimed that they only want the truth to come out.

On August 31, the same person reportedly revealed their next steps in a Telegram chat room after having their Twitter account suspended. They have said that after having discussions with a lot of important people in the past 48 hours, they have decided to stop posting any more photos or other content of the two K-pop stars. They further went on to claim the authenticity of the photos and asked the legal representatives of the artists to speak the truth.

The person claiming to be the owner of the 'gurumiharibo' Twitter account also said that they have not previously worked with either V or Jennie and will only return to clear any misinformation released by the respective agencies.

Nowadays editing is easy to do. If you clearly show all pictures are blurry. If the stars are dating and the picture was leaked and then why pictures are blurred?


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