Best hairstyles and cuts for your face shape

Face shapes to figure out which hairstyles and cut would be the perfect match for you 

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Basically there are four face shapes that you belong to or maybe lie somewhere in between. 





Oval face shape 

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Those with an oval face should definitely consider themselves to be lucky! You're one that can sport almost any hairstyle or cut ranging from cute bobs to layers and even rock a sexy fringe. If you prefer short hair then try out a blunt bob or lob with subtle and had layers at the bottom to add some volume and frame your face.

But if you prefer longer locks then you can go for a light step cut and follow the natural parting of your hair when you're opting for any kind of hairstyle. Loose curls or beachy waves would look amazing on you. But if you prefer your hair out of your face a simple side braid could do wonders to accentuate your features. 

Round Face 

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A round face typically means the width and length of your face is the same and your checks are pretty prominent giving you a rounded appearance. The key to your rounded appearance is the key to styling this shape and frame your face well and create depth and contour by using haircuts that frame the face to make it appear more chiseled and oval in nature. If you prefer short hair and you're feeling a little adventurous a pixie cut would be the perfect hairdo for you! But don't worry if you want to play it safe and subtle, long layers look equally good-just make sure you cut the shortest layer right, below the cheekbones to add a natural contour and frame the face very well. Even a short fringe that ends at the eyes or side swept bangs would suit a round face and give it more length. You can give yourself a quick blow dry to add style or even throw some accessories to one side of the head to give the illusion of a longer face but i would stay away from tight tonged curls as they make your hair apper shorter and they will give you a rounder appearance. 

Heart Face shape

If you have a heart shaped face your bone structure will feature a broad forehead and checkbones and a slimmer jawline and chin. The aim here is to bring  about some sort of balance between the two halves by adding onthe right haircut and style. If you prefer short hair, option for a long bov that ends at the neck would look amazing on you and this will immediately add more fullness to the jawline. You can pair these with side bangs to make your forehead look slightly narrow and even out the shape of the face. Fir longer hair, textured cuts and layers through the bottom, half of the hair also do the same trick in adding width to the jawline making your face appear naturally fuller. When you leave your hair open loose curls or waves will bring out the features but if you want a fun up do a twist up a bun and accessories it with a few twisties

Square Face

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If you have extremely strong features than you have a square face shape. A broad forehead, wide cheekbones and an extremely sharp jawline so make the most of it.
The hairstyle and cut we will talk about will essentially soften the appearance of these features and give you a more flattering appearance. If you want to go shirt then a textured Bob and a sided bangs is really accentuate your beautiful shape but if you want to keep your hair long then add certain layers to the ends to help layout some of your sharp features