Central Vista Project Inaugurated by Narendra Modi | History of Central Vista

Narendra Modi's Dream Project "Central Vista".

central vista by modi
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One of Narendra Modi's dream projects is "Central Vista" which he inaugurated on 8 September.

During this project, Modiji had to face all the hurdles, but then after waiting after 19 months, the 3 km long Rajpath from Vijay Chowk to India Gate is now ready to be opened with modern facilities.

About 1200 car or 40 bus km Parking facility available there and for 2 months parking will be free.

The integration of this project has been done for 20,000 crores.

Narendra modi dream project
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Delhi’s Central Vista tells story of ‘the history of India’. 

From Mauran Empire to Delhi Sultanate, from Mughal Rule to British Rule. The history of 2500 years has been only of the monarchy.

The British rule was oppressive and thus a long freedom struggle continued.

And when we got freedom under oppressive rule, it's very important.

The human and architectural elements associated with it are also special.

110 years ago, the capital of British India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi, due to the Bengal Partition Crisis and the Indian Councils Act, 1909.

If we talk about Modern Capital Delhi, then Coronation Rule 1911.

Delhi was established as the Capital City of the British Raj.

What is the reason behind making Delhi the capital?

The summer capital was closer to Shimla.

Special place in Hindu epic Mahabharata & Mughal period.

Delhi was made the new capital by looking at the geographical, political, and historical background.

The capital of the country was made and the whole country was being handled from here, so obviously planning was needed. For that Delhi town planning committee was established in 1912.

This led to the design of the Viceroy's House, Secretariat Building, Offices, Buildings and Parks.

In this Edwin Lutyens was joined by the Committee in March 1912.

Together with him, another architect Herbert Baker, made the dream of the Central Vista complex a reality.

What is Central Vista?

The government needs space, and a place where all the facilities needed are available.

2 Architecture Evolved Central Vista. Including India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan, Civil Garden, and part of Rajpath.

There are corridors about 3 km long on either side of the Rajpath and from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The central vista is inspired by Washington's National Mall and Paris's avenue de champs-Elysees.

The main buildings are Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, Prime Minister's Office, North and South blocks, and Record Office.

The Record Office is now known as the National Archive. 

This plan was prepared to keep in mind traditional urban planning.

The entire complex had a strong exterior, and a closer look also reveals a focal point.

When it was built in 1910 and 20s then it was the largest project in the world.

It was being built to reflect India's global import spirit and progress.

The Construction of this also looks quite deep.

In this project Red and beet colors have been used and which have been used in Delhi since the 13th century.

But this is a 100 year old development.

The world has not changed in 100 years but it is being developed and developed underground settlement with advanced facilities, world class rooms, technology.

This project is being done keeping in mind 5 objectives:

1. Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

The Common Central Secretariat (KS), in the Central Vista Complex, is built with 10 office buildings and the Central Conference Centre.

12 out of 51 ministries were offices are outside central vista which will now be merged.

All the offices will also be connected to the Delhi Metro and the project is designed to be energy efficient to improve air quality.

 2. Cultural

Cultural and recreational facilities will be strengthened without affecting the essential character of the vista.

Provide National Event Infrastructure Facilitation to minimize losses and disruptions in all respects.

National Museum will be relocated to North and South blocks.

3. Modern and Secure Infrastructure

The Prime Minister's project is to provide secure infrastructure.

So that the affiliation is large and the work can be done parabolically from the side of the government's meeting, work, daily work.

4. Prime Minister and Vice President's Bungalow

5. Environmental heritage protection

Shifting the Parliament Office.

The big reason for doing this is that now there is less space to add members in the Parliament Office.

The big reason for doing this is that now there is less space in the Parliament Office to add members.