Due to the lack of security of America's airport, it was possible to have the world's largest terrorist attack?

Everyone knows that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001 was conspired by Osama bin Laden, the head of Al Qaeda, but very few people know that there was a conspiracy to carry out terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Osama bin Laden wanted to attack America's White House.

Khalid was a trusted terrorist of Sheikh Mohammed Osama bin Laden. Khalid Sheikh was a terrorist with more than 50 fake names, Khalin had terrorist connections in many countries.

Khalid in the US in the 1990 year for war with Iraq and for supporting anti-Islamic Israel, America had a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 even before 9/11 2001, that terrorist attack Khalid Didn't get success.

Osama bin Laden included Khalid in the conspiracy to attack the White House, Bin Laden wanted to attack the White House, the world's largest political powerhouse, but due to the defense security in the White House, he could not go inside the road by taking explosives. For this, it was decided to do by air attack.
Khalid suggested to Osama bin Laden when the air attack did not happen why not at one place why not more than one.

Osama bin Laden finalized for Terrorist Attack in 3rd place:-

1. Symbol of America's Defense Strength

2. CAPITAL (A symbol of America's political power)

3. World Trade Center (a symbol of America's economic power)

On the one hand, the training terrorists started to attack the World Trade Center and on the other hand, Khalid started doing research to carry out the terrorist attack.

What preparations were made to attack the World Trade Center?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed collected information about the creation of the passenger plane, and all the data about the seating arrangement and the timetable of all the incoming fights were extracted from the related magazines of the passenger planes.

Khalid did a course called a simulator for the basic knowledge of the pilot and then a related course for the crew member of the passenger plane to know when the cockpit door is open and for how long in the passenger plane. How many air hostesses are there for passenger planes, what would have been all that work, all this information was collected by Khalid Sheikh.

Khalid, after collecting all the information, flew several times in 1 class on USA Airlines and United Airlines to find out when the cockpit doors open on passenger planes, and the cockpit door after 15 to 20 minutes after the plane took off opens.

From which angle can the weapon be taken inside the plane by hijacking the passenger plane and there is no problem in airport security?

Khalid, after doing some research, decided that instead of a gun, a knife would use as a stationary cutter in a terrorist attack.

The cover of the stationery cutter comes of plastic and the blade of the cutter is very sharp and the cutter can scare anyone very easily Hat and neck vein can be cut easily

Khalid Sheikh took the stationery cutter in the handbags and traveled several times in America from one city to another, but there was no problem in any airport, although the metal detector while checking the airport security made a sound like peep peep but the airport The security officer opened the bag and did not need a check and used to easily leave the airport outside the airport with a stationery cutter.

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Finish the conspiracy of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 19 terrorists left on the 11th of September 2001, 10 terrorists reached Boston from where they were jettisoned to Boeing 767 of American Airlines Flight 11 and Boeing 767 of United Airlines Flight 175. Had to collide with both towers of the trade center and the other 5 terrorists were not to attack Pentagon by hijacking Fight-77 from Washington. And the other 4 terrorists were to attack Capitol by hijacking Fight 93 in Navakra City, but  Pentagon and Capitol could not be attacked due to increased defense security of America after attacking the World Trade Center.

 21st terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, NASA shared a photo of the World Trade Center from space on Twitter:-

On the anniversary of the 21st terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, NASA shared a photo of the World Trade Center from space on Twitter.

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In 2001, when the Terrorist attack on the World Tread Center occurred on the day of 9/11, American astronaut Frank Culbertson took a picture of the iconic Twin Towers that smoked after the attack.

Sharing the picture, NASA astronaut Frank Culbuteson said that on the 21st anniversary of that terrifying day, we honor the victims and heroes of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The terrorist attack that occurred on the 11th of September, 2001, resulted in a sudden loss of life for all and a significant change in the culture of the USA.