From which angle the country has launched an aggressive campaign to layer the looted architecture?

 A few days ago, Queen Elizabeth of the British died, after the death of the Queen, many countries of the world started raising their voice to take back their valuable things.

Once upon a time, many countries of the world were ruled by the British, the people of the British used to rule based on the army. On the strength of the army, Breitcier snatched valuable things from the kings of many countries of the whole world and took them to England.

The most valuable things in the world have gone to the royal family of England.

In which,

1 Kohinoor (India )

2 Great Stars of Africa (South Africa)

3 Craft Elgin Marbles (Greece)

4 Rosetta Stone (Egypt)

5 Benin Brooch (Nigeria)

1. Kohinoor (India):-

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After the death of the Queen of England, many celebrities of India had requested the new King Chance to return the Kohinoor to India.

The Kohinoor is believed to be 186 carats.

Emperor Babur's autobiography "Baburnama" mentions that Kohinoor was found in a mine on the banks of the Krishna river in Golconda, India.

Allauddin Khilji had invaded South India, he snatched Kohinoor from the Raja of Delhi, after that the Raja of Delhi had Kohinoor.

Shah-Jahan had got the Kohinoor enshrined in his Mayurasan.

In the year 1739, Nadir Shah of Iran plundered Delhi, at that time he had taken Kohinoor to Iran, and after that Nadir's grandson gave Kohinoor to Afghan King Ahmed Shah Durbani in the gift of Afghan King Ahmed Shah Durrani. The son had presented Kohinoor to Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab.

In 1849, the Britisher gave a gift to the Queen of England from the second son of Ranjit Singh.

2. Great Star of Africa (South Africa):-

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After the death of the Queen of England, the Government of South Africa officially requested the Government of England to return the Great Star of Africa. People of South Africa have demanded on social media to bring back the Great Star of Africa.

The diamond of the Great Star of Africa is known as the Cullinan Forest.

The Great Star of Africa is a 500-carat diamond.

The Great Star of Africa is the world's largest diamond found in Thomas Cullinan's mine in 1905.

3. Craft Elgin Marbles (Greece)

The government of Greece country has asked for its valuable craft, Again Marble, back to the government of England.

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4 Rosetta Stone (Egypt)

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After the death of England, the government of Egypt sought back its historic Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone is about 760 kilograms, 2200 years old on Rosetta Stone and is included in the world's most wonders of mummies and pyramids.

 The same message has been written in three different languages ​​on the Rosetta Stone, due to this stone the world has succeeded in understanding the Hieroglyphic language of Egypt, which disappeared 1400 years ago.

   The Rosetta Stone was first discovered by Napoleon's army in 1799 in Al-Rashid, Egypt.

 The British took the Rosetta Stone to England 222 years ago.

5 Benin Brooch (Nigeria):-

The government of the country of Nazia has asked for its valued Benin Brooch back to the government of England.

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