Iran Protest: Why are women protesting Hijab along with 15 other countries?

There has been a protest against not wearing the hijab in Iran for some time now?

Along with Iran, there are 15 more countries that are involved in the hijab protest.

Let's know

Where did this start and why?

Mahsa Amini,

mahsa amini
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a young woman from Iran, came to Tehran after meet her family on September 13, she was not wearing a hijab on that day.

The police arrested her for not wearing a hijab.

she died 3 days after his arrest.

It is being said that Mahsa Amini had gone into a coma a few hours after she was arrested.

she was later taken to the hospital, his family says that Amini was very well, she did not have any disease.

According to the reports, it is being said that she died due to a head injury.

It is also being said that what happened between Mahsa Amini reaching the police station and going to the hospital is not clear yet.


  • The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the police station should be investigated.

  • Atrocities on women in Iran must stop.

  • Mahsa Amini suffered a head injury and went into a coma, that should be investigated.

What does the police have to say about the allegations on mahsa amini?

After the death of Mahsa Amini, there was a demonstration against the police in Tehran, the capital of Iran.

The police say that on September 13, many girls were also arrested somewhere.

One of them was Mahsa Amini, who fainted as soon as she reached the police station. The police have also said that there was no torture with them.

Nevertheless, in protest against the police, President Ebrahim Raisi has ordered the Home Minister to investigate the matter.

this has happened before too,

Such violence happened with Iran's famous actress rajoshree.

she also did not wearing the hijab.

Due to which she was arrested and tortured.

Later, she was asked to apologize on National TV.

You can see the picture of before and after, what was the condition of Rajoshree.

iran "no more hijab"
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With Iran, the opposition of "no to hijab" is happening everywhere in the country.

Women's will, their freedom and their life

All this is locked somewhere in Iran's cage.

A protest that started with the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran is now taking place in some countries around the world.

She is breaking the chain of the women of Iran, and is echoing the slogan of freedom every day.

There is "noise" in Germany 5135 KM from Iran.

There is "protest" in turkey 2317 km away from Iran.

Slogans of freedom from hijab in Canada which is 9981 KM away from Iran.

Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Canada are far away from Iran, but in Iran, they are all together against "no to hijab".

In all these countries there is one voice against the Hijab.

Women of Iran burning Hijab and claiming freedom,

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