Liz Truss openly opposed the British monarchy !

 Elections have been held in Britain with the new Prime Minister Elizabeth Truss. Elizabeth's truss is known as Liz Truss. With this, Liz has become the third female PM of England. The British PM surprised everyone by forming her cabinet because England is a white and male-dominated country.

For the first time in history, there is not a single Britisher person in the cabinet of the country.

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England's PM Liz Truss has appointed Theresa Coffee as the deputy PM. With which, for the first time in England's history, both PM and Deputy PM have become women.

There are 4 important ministries in the British. Not a single ministry was given to the white person.

1.   Health Ministry

2 .  Economy Ministry

3.  Forensic Ministry

4.  Home Ministry

To whom has the ministry been given?

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1. Health Ministry

The Liz trust has given the Ministry of Health to the Deputy PM. The Ministry of Health is very important for England because the country has full responsibility for the treatment of all the people of the country.

2 . Economy Ministry

A Liz-truss made Kavasi Kavartegne Chancellor of the Exchequer (Ministry of the Economy), for the first time in history that a black in Britain was made the Minister of Economy.

3. Forensic Ministry

Liz Truss has given James Caverly the Foreign Ministry, James Caverly also comes from a black family. His mother was from the Siyeree family and his father Leon was from a black family. James Caverelli Keepervaries Is Raised in a Black Family.

4. Home Ministry

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The Lease Truss has given the Home Ministry to Suhella Braveman, this following is very important for India as the Ministry of Police and Immigration has been given to Suhella Braveman.

Personal Details of Suhella Braveman:

Suella Braverman's parents are from India, her grandfather was from Goa, and after the year 1947, Suhella's parents moved to Kenya. After that went to Morais, and after that went to live in England forever. Suella Braverman was born and brought up in England, for all these reasons it can be said that Suhella Braveman is Indian.

Liz Truss becoming the PM of the British is a good sign for India. Lease Truss has been the Foreign Minister of England before becoming PM. At that time also there was a closeness in the relations between India and England.

The lease truss opposed the monarchy in front of everyone and talked about bringing complete democracy.

The people of the British still consider the royal family like a king, even today, in the British Sustainable Rule, the authority over the biggest hodo is considered by the royal family. For all these reasons, there was a lot of opposition from the British, and even after this, Liz reiterated her point. There was no talk of destroying the monarchy. Opposed Raja Shahi in front of everyone.

The relations between India and England were good even during the time of former Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, but due to the internal dispute of Johnson, there was a gradual distance in the relationship. Liz truss In the cabinet, people who do not have a white mindset like Suhella and Kalvari have been given important ministries, due to which it will probably be easy.

Liz Truss Shows The World Britain Is Changing 

The lease truss has given a warning to the world by forming a new cabinet that England is now changing, in England, like any other country, people and communities of any country of the world are being given work without looking at them. Global is now being made in Britain.

In Britain, like America, people coming from all over the world are given work by giving importance to their ability, hard work, and eagerness to work.

For years, white people had power over the important hodo in the Brits, so the British slowly went behind in the world.

The lease truss has tried to remove this skeptical mindset, which will benefit the Brits and other countries of the world as well.