Symbol of India's self-reliance: INS Vikrant

  INS Vikrant is India's first indigenous aircraft carrier. Whose design, construction, everything is done in India.

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The day of 2nd September 2022 was the most important day for the Navy of India, on that day, for the first time in the history of India, an indigenous aircraft ship joined the Navy. 

Along with this, the countries of the world have the ability to make indigenous aircraft, such as America, China, France, Britain, and Russia. The name of India was also included in it.

On 2nd September 2022, PM Narendra Modi formally inducted INS Vikrant into the Indian Navy. At this historic time, PM Modi said that today is the sunrise of a new future for the people of India, INS Vikrant is not just an aircraft ship, but it is a proof of the hard work, talent, influence, and commitment of 21st century India, India's lofty there is excitement

INS Vikrant has been deployed for the security of the eastern seaboard of India. And INS Vikramaditya has been deployed to protect the western sea frontier. Which was bought from Russia in the year 2013.

The indigenously made aircraft ship has been named after India's first Aircraft Carrier, which played a role in the Indo-Pakistani War in front of Pakistan, due to which the chances of winning in the Indian War increased.

The meaning of the sentence of this Sanskrit language "Jens s Yudhisprudh" ​​is that "Whoever collides with me will beat me." This is the motto of INS Vikrant, India's first INS Vikrant-1, and Vikrant - 1 proved this mantra in 1971 and showed it.

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Features of INS Vikrant

  •  INS Vikrant is as high as an 18-floor building like a small town.
  • In this indigenous aircraft ship, arrangements have also been made for the site can machines, physiotherapy techniques, ICUs, and isolation wards.
  •  All arrangements have been made for the accommodation of 1600 crew members in INS Vikrant.

  • The new INS Vikrant can simultaneously house 32 fighter aircraft and helicopters along with MiG-29K, Kamov MN 60R chopper.
  •  Rafale and Bramosr missiles can also be deployed in the indigenous Vikrant.
  • The new Vikrant is 262 meters long, 62 in width, and weighs around 45000 tonnes.
  •  2200 compartments have been made for the officers of the Navy.
  • 400 tonnes of fresh water has also been arranged due to the plant installed at INS Vikrant. The electricity generation capacity is 24 MW which is capable of completing 5000 home electric power at one point.

  • More than 2200 compartments have been made for the officers of the Indian Navy.

  • The deck length is as big as 2 football fields.
  • RAF-40L 3D Air Surveillance.
  • AF-STAR Naval Radar System.
  • TACAN -Tetanical Air Navigational System
  • Front Protection Layer of the Register E AVSaction Complex Missile.

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PM Modi launches new flag of the Indian Navy

PM Modi has dedicated INS Vikrant at the feet of Maratha warrior Chhatrapati  Shivaji. Today, after many years, India went free from the sign of slavery.

Indian Navy got a new flag on 2nd September 2022. PM Modi said that till today there was a mark of slavery in the Indian Navy, but today by taking guidance from Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Indian Navy will now hoist the new flag in the sea sky.