What is NASA's DART mission ?

On the day of 27th September 2022, for the first time in the world, the NASA spacecraft collided at 4:44 in the morning of 27th September according to India's time and 7:14 minutes on the evening of 26th September 2022 according to American time.

What happened in space?

The NASA-built spacecraft DART ie Double Asteroid Redirection Test collided with an asteroid dimorph present in space.

The purpose of NASA's dark mission was not to destroy that asteroid but to change its path so that the terrible destruction caused by the falling of that asteroid to Earth was saved.

What was the success of NASA's DART mission?

The Dark Mission has 2 goals, one of which is to be successful by the Deputy Programmer Manager of NASA's Dark Mission.

NASA's target DART spacecraft collided 17 meters before the time and place of the asteroid's collision. With this, NASA's Scientist also seems likely to have a big crater on the asteroid due to this collision and disintegrate into 10 lakh kg of dust and stone space.

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NASA's Scientist second target has just begun. After the collision with the asteroid's spacecraft, how much has changed in the path of the asteroid, if there has been a change, then how much has happened?

NASA's scientists will monitor and calculate the speed and movement of the asteroid for the next 2 months, only after that, they will know how successful they have been in trying to change the path of the asteroid.

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What did NASA say about the dark mission?

NASA's program scientist said about the dark mission that "we are trying to shake an asteroid and change its path", before this no human has done this.

The director of NASA's Scientist Dark Mission said that "If the tests of both NASA's targets are completely successful, then in the future it will be known in advance that if a metallic asteroid is ever moving towards the Earth, then we have to fight." There might be a chance.

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How long did it take NASA's spacecraft to reach Dimorphak?

The Dart spacecraft is about 19 meters in diameter and is about as big as a school bus.

  The Dart spacecraft was launched by NASA on 24th November 2021, it took about 10 months to reach the Demorphus asteroid.