What kind of guidance did India give to the world in the SCO summit?

 The SCO is a regional multilateral organization established in 2001. In the SCO Summit, India's PM Modi was made to attend the SCO meeting in Samarkand City, Uzbekistan country on 16 September 2022.

India's PM Narendra Modi had spoken in his national language at the SCO conference, in which he started his speech on Ukraine War, Corona Pandemic, and Food Safety.

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Taking forward his speech, PM Modi said that today the world's corona world epidemic is slowly under control, and due to the Ukraine war, many countries of the world are facing difficulties in global supply in the world.

India's economy:-

PM Modi said that India is moving towards becoming the world's manufacturing hub. India's economy can grow at the rate of 7.5% this year, which will be the highest growth rate among the world's largest economies. Also, PM Modi said there are more than 70,000 startups and 100 more unicorns in India.

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India to share its startup experience with SCO counters:-

PM Modi is set to share his experience with SCO member counters by setting up a separate Working Group on Startup and Innovation.

India's PM Modi said, "Requested the SCO counters to support trust and cooperation with each other

The world is facing another major challenge - food security:-

India's PM Modi fears the world is facing another challenge - that of food security.

The solution of which is to promote the cultivation and use of meats. He further said that Miletus is such a food that is grown for thousands of years not only in SCO member countries but also in any country in the world, and it is a good option to get out of the food crisis.

Sumit 2022:-India PM Modi and Rush PM Vladimir Putin bilateral meeting


After addressing the SCO summit, India's PM Modi had a bilateral meeting with Russia's PM Vladimir Putin, this meeting lasted for about 50 minutes.

At the beginning of this meeting, Vladimir Putin told PM Modi that I wish India 75 years of Independence Day. The PM of Russia, taking forward his point, said that PM Modi is my good friend, my friend Modi, you are going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow, but in Russian tradition, we do not say Happy Birthday in advance, so I will not wish you a Happy Birthday. 

During this meeting, PM Modi urged Russia's PM Putin to end the war with Ukraine and said that today's era is not for war but for discussion on the path of peace.

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In response to this request, Russia's PM Putin told India's PM Modi that we are trying to end this crisis soon, but Ukraine does not want to co-operate in the dialogue process, but Ukraine has achieved its set goal only through war.

Apart from this, between the PMs of both countries, Food Crisis, and Fuel Security had talked about global issues.