Who started to stop the cold war in the world after the 2nd world war?

 Mikhail Gorbachev was the former President of Rush, serving as President from 1985 to 1991. Today's people do not know much about Gorbachev, but in the year 1980, he was one of the most popular political leaders in the world.

Very few people in this world have changed the map of the world, those who did not even think that they started trying to change the lane by doing all those things.

Gorbachev had shown the way for the world to enter a new era by ending the Cold War that started between America and the Soviet Union after the Second World War.

After the 2nd World War, the Soviet Union was considered the biggest superpower in the world. But when Gorbachev was the President, the Soviet Union of Socialist Republic (USSR) split. And 15 new countries were established in the world. After the split of the Soviet Union, the world was dominated, and America's grandeur had increased the world, but peace had already been established in the world because of first America and the Soviet Union both countries each other.

He used to make a lot of bloodshed by making the other country of the world a battlefield to look inferior, all of them got killed due to the split of the Soviet Union.

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How many contributions has Mikhail Gobochev contributed to the peace of the world?

 The history of Mikhail Gobochev began after the Second World War. After the 2nd World War, the world was divided into two parts.

America was a Moodist country, so America was trying to tilt the world towards Moodist to sell its malls, and Russia was a communist country, so it was trying to turn the world towards communist thinking.

 Both America, Russia, and other countries of the world tried to run the government according to their instructions.

If the government of any country in the world is not according to America and Russia, then changing the government of that country, would spread internal unrest in that country.

Because of all this, there was an atmosphere of unrest in many countries in the world.

America and Russia have made the countries of the world on their side, America has made NATO, and Russia has signed a vast agreement, with the help of which efforts have been started to make the countries of the world on their side.

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America had tried to take full responsibility for protecting the member country of NATO. And with the help of the Russia vaso agreement, Russia used to try to help all the countries in whose governments there are communists and still does today.

Gorbachev became the head of Russia in the year 1985, and all the orders of the Communist General Secretary of Russia were followed. Leonardo Brezhnev remained Prime Minister for 18 years from 1964 to 1982, but after he became 2 Prime Minister, he died at 70 years old, so Gobochev's name was announced for the General Secretary of Russia in the Communist Party. Was.

 Gorbachev became the President of Russia in the year 1982. In the communist regime in Russia, the policy bureau was the only decision-making body, so Gobochev made his loyal person a part of the organization in the Polity Bureau organization. After that, he appointed his loyal person in Lashkar and KGF also. The cabinet was also strengthened.

In Russia till the year 1982, any common person was not allowed to complain and say anything, but Gobochenvm started by talking about the needs and difficulties of everyone and removing their problems. we're trying to do.

Gobochev introduced the program Glonost and Perestroika.

Perestroika means freedom and perestroika means innovation. Gorbachev freed the media by removing censorship.

The policies of social and economic innovation were introduced in the program of Perestroika.

In the year 1989, Lashkar was sent to Afghanistan and threatened to bring him back.

The tax was called back, with this decision ending the ongoing cold war with America, the beginning of the tax.

   Gorbachev's second decision was that no one in the world was forbidden to interfere in the internal problems of the country. Due to all these factors, there was an opportunity to become independent from Russia.

In 1989, communism came to an end in Russia in a perpetual manner, and a multifaceted democracy was established. Germany was divided due to the Cold War, and with the fall of communism in Russia, Germany became one of two.

Democracy had emerged in the countries of Europe.

The first prime minister of Russia after the end of communism was Gorbachev. But his political glory could not last long.

At the end of 2000, after Aldemir Putik became the Prime Minister, all other state leaders in Russia came to an end.

Gorbachev was very ill for the last 10 years and died on the 31st Aug 2022.