Will Apple confirm that the iPhone will be manufactured in India?

These rumors were going on few days,

Will iPhones be manufactured in India?

Many things also emerged from the change of reports.

And YES,

On Monday, the Apple company confirmed the report and said "we are excited to make the iPhone in India".

And it is also being said in the report that the iPhone 14 made in India will not be sold locally, but will also be exported.

Apple Will Shift 5% Planning To India And Global iPhone 14 Production To India By The Year End.

Apple had been manufacturing with China for some time and Due to Corona, China is making manufacturing difficult. So Apple has decided to diversify the manufacturing process.

Apple contract manufacturing some phone parts with Foxconn located near Chennai.

apple contract with foxconn
image credit RTTNEWS

Also Ming chi kuo tweeted and confirmed this news,

Apple produced in India

Apple Has Long Standing History in India, Which Started 20 Years Ago

Apple launched its first online store in India in September 2020.

For the first time in 2017, the manufacture of iPhones started with the Phone SE.

iPhone has become the most advanced phone in some countries, which includes iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 brings to life the 5G experience and flat-edge design with high durability.

iPhone 13 was available for customers in India in other markets along with the US.

So far, the iPhone has sold over 2.2 billion phones.

Around 1 billion people are currently using the iPhone.

Talking about the year 2020, Apple shipped 206.1 million iPhones.

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