Before military duty, take a look of BTS members solo project

KPOP fans are sad because thier favorite band BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, jhope, V, Jungkook and Jimin to join military duty.

the eldest member from him, Jin will leave before the end of the year.

Big Hit announces that the members will go one by one after keeping their solo projects and personal activities in mind, BTS will make a comeback as a group.

BTS Members Join Military Duty Before, let's Discuss Their Solo Project.

1. RM

The leader of the group BTS, RM is confirmed as the MC for the fourth season of TVN's Mysterious Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge.

RM recently posted the story of his mixtape "Mono" on Instagram and teased his fans by placing a zip folder which was blur and he wrote 'Next?

he  was giving a hint of his new album to the fans and also wrote in instagram story  "gon be the total record of my 2019-2022 the twenties"

2. Jin

Jin recently promoted his single album "Astronaut".

Let me tell you that this song is collabration with Cold Play Band, which was released on 28th October.

Also, Jin performed "Astronaut" live for the first time at Coldplay's concert in Argentina on October 28.

According to sources Jin will go on military duty by December.

3. Suga

As part of the Korean tourism brand, Suga's recently promoted Korean tourism campaign "Feel the Rhythm of Korea" Imagine Your Korea.

Suga was seen with Jimin.

take a look

video from youtube

and BTS Island- Seom game which is a latest puzzle game in which he produced new song. And he also released the new version of the over the horizo.

4. Jhope

Jhope is the first who released his mix tape, "Jack in the Box". Fans loved his mixtapes, and jhope even performed lollapalooza in Chicago.

Also he released the song "Rush Hour" with Korean singer Crush. He got so much love for songs by his fans.

he said that he will soon join military duty.

video from youtube

5. Jimin

During The Festa dinner 2022, Jimin said he was working on a music album and said "I want my music to tell a message to our fans". Jimin hasn't announced any solo album yet.

Jimin is also seen with Suga in "Feel the Rythem of Korea", both of them promoting Korea's tourism.

video from youtube

6. Kim taehyung

Kim Taehyung aka V who is reuniting with Wooga Squad for "Friendcation: In the Soap". It Featured Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, Park Hyung-sik and Peakboy.

also he said that he has been working on all the songs recently and he will soon announce about his mixtape.

Also he seen in Vogue Korea. Let us tell you that he is a solo artist who have been featured in Vogue solo.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook's "left and right" collaboration with Charlie Puth came, fans loved the song.

recently, he left for the 2022 World Cup promotion for Qatar or solo project.

Jungkook is also working on a solo album, he will announce it soon.

video from youtube

BTS Military Service

bighit said, group the member of jin will release her solo song with coldplay after that he will follow the eslistment procedure of the korean goverment.

After Jin, all the members went into military service one by one after working on individual projects. they will come back in 2025 "as a group".

bts 2025 will return in group form

According to the company, other members will plan to serve in the military based on their individual plans.