Britain in search of a new Prime Minister, a joke flying in the world.

Britain, which is ruling 60 countries, is now going through the phase of in-PM and out-PM.

Britain Prime minister Liz Truss resigned from Downing Street on Thursday.

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First Let's see, What Liz truss said about resignation.

She said,

I took the post of PM when the situation of the economy here and the whole world was not stable.

It has become difficult for a family of crores to pay the rising cost of food-drinking and electricity.

The war that Russia started against Ukraine was a threat to the security of Europe. To change this situation I do the majority so that we paid the energy bill.

Looking at the current situation, I feel that I could not complete the dispute for which I fought.

I have been informed that I have resigned as Prime Minister.

The UK country with a population of about 6.50 crores is facing 3 major problems.

1. Political Crisis

4 Prime Ministers have resigned in 6 years from 2016 to 2022, And now they are looking for the 5th prime minister.

2. Economic Crisis

For the first time in the Britain since 1980, the inflation rate has reached the level of 11%.

There is a lot of inflation in Britain like food and drink. There 50% of people are eating only once a day.

3.Social Crisis

Along with the economic crisis, there has also been a social crisis.

Because of increasing inflation, discontent among the people of Britain has increased and the opposition has increased.

Electricity in Britain has been inflated by 80% since Russia banned gas.

Britain was ranked the first 5th in the world's best economy, India is now in place of Britain.

What Britain's People are saying about Airbnb?

People are making some kind of joke about Airbnb. People say this PM comes and stays in PM residence for a couple of months and leaves.

It is better to make it a guest house, so that people can come and spend a few days. Because the prime minister is also doing the same

That's why peoples are making fun of Airbnb as "perfect for short stays".

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What will liz truss get after resignation?

Keeping the resignation of Liz truss on the side in Britain, the discussion of the payment who meets him is becoming more and more.

And this amount is called Public Duty Cost Allowance. 

Every year the truss will be paid for the lifetime from the taxpayer's money which is around 1 crore 7 lakh rupees.

Although she remained the Prime Minister only on 44 days, the pension which she stopped is about 1 crore 7 lakhs.