Do you know ,The force of gravity does not apply at any angle?

Everyone knows that if you throw or throw anything in the world, it falls down due to the force of gravity, but in some places in the world, the force of gravity does not work or does less work, 

1)Hoover Dump:-

one of them is Hoover Dump.

The Hoover Damp was started by America in the year 1931 and in the year 1935, the Hoover was ready.

  The Hoover Dump is built on the Nevada River in America, this dump has been built for more than 95 years and is still in working condition.

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2) kavlesad reverse waterfall:-

Due to the force of gravity in the world, all the things fall down, similarly, it is applicable to the springs, the other name of Kavalesad Waterfall is also known as Reverse Water Fore because the water this water is done from the bottom up.

 3) Magnetic Hill :-

Magnetic Hill has come up near Leh City on the Leh Kargil               Highway in India. A small part of the magnetic hill is eaten by it, it is known as the magnetic hill. There is something different on this hill, that pulls the vehicles upwards, so this place attracts a lot of tourists    



4) Sput Hill:-

The force of gravity is less on Sput Hill, hence the second name of Sput Hill is also called Gravity Hill.Sput Hill is in Florida America. Even if the car is kept Newton on this hill, the car automatically goes towards the hill   


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5)Cosmos Egyptian area:-

Cosmos Egyptian area is a place where the force of gravity is very low. While walking to this place, you will come across some trees that are twisted in a mysterious way. Apart from this, the hair flying upwards and going to some height, the place seems to have changed.

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