Know more about 90th Indian Air Force Day

Like every year Air India Force is celebrated on 8th of October, the main objective of Air Force Day Celebrate is to pay tribute to the Air Force of India and remember by contribution.

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Today is the 90th Indian Air Force Day and its campus is running in Chandigarh.

Indian Air Force Day was followed by flypast and air show.

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For the first time, the parade is being held in Chandigarh, outside Delhi-NCR.

This year Indian Air Force Day is celebrated for the safety of India's aircraft industry and army.

Indian army has fought for the country somewhere and has helped in the prestige in the battlefield with a virtue.

There is a lot of education, hard work, and contribution to the Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force comes at number 4 in the world, first US, second China, and third Russia.

the goal of Air Indian Force was to become the strongest Air Force in the world, in which success has also been achieved.

90th indian air force day
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This year Air India Force is getting complete 90 years.

There will be a grand display of 80 aircraft including one engine MiG-21 in Chandigarh.

History of Indian Air Force day

The first AC flight came into being on 1st April 1933.

And officially Indian Air Force was established on the 8th 1932.

As of 1 July 2017, the Indian Air Force has a sanctioned strength of 12,550 officers (12,404 serving with 146) and 142,529 airmen (127,172 serving with 15,357).

IAF has been involved in many wars: World War II, Sino-Indian War, Operation Cactus, Operation Vijay, Kargil War, Indo-Pakistani War, Congo Crisis, Operation Poomlai, Operation Pawan and a few others.

After independence, Sir Thomas W. Elmhurst was made the first Chief of the Indian Air Force, Air Marshal. He remained in this post from 15 August 1947 to 22 February 1950.

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