know more about BTS's native place,why they become so popular?

 The BTS live concert in Busan City on October 15th saw an attendance of 50,000 people, and the live concert grew to 49 million viewers.

Live BTS concerts with individual live, online live streams and TV broadcasts.

The medium was seen in approximately 229 countries.

To increase the interest of the Korean Ambassador to Busan City for the World Expo 2030 and to introduce Korean culture to the world, BTS has organized a concert in Busan City.

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BTS Concert viewes

The BTS concert attracted 50,000 visitors to the auditorium in Busan Oshiad and the online live stream via Vives has garnered 49 million views.

JTBC Chanel has received a rating of 3.3% higher than broadcasting the BTS concert live on TV.

BTS performances

1)The vocal singer in BTS is Jungkook.

2)Jin, Jimin, Wei, and Jugkook performed at 00:00 (Zero O'Clock), and "Butterfly", RM,       Suga, and J-Hope have given a related performance of "UGH".

3)The septet started the concert with songs from hit field Jeshi Mahsoor films like 'Dynamind', 'Butter', 'Burning Up' (Fire) Adiol and 'Spring Day'.

Busan City and Korean Culture:-

The main focus of the concert has been on the representation of Korean culture and Busan City. For Example, BTS did a performance called "Mother City", in which the beautiful places and scenery of Busan City were told with the help of graphics.

Korean traditional scenes such as bukcheong saja noreem (a Korean traditional sport involving dancing with a lion mask) have been successful in capturing the attention of the world audience.

social media

Concert-related keywords on social media have been counted for Busan City with 9.3 million.

Keywords related to World Expo 2030 Busan, has tek has been counted more than 200,000.